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Survivalcavefood Drink Bucket


80 servings of drinks, 20 regular whey milk, 20 chocolate whey milk & 40 servings of orange drinks packaged for long term food storage and delivered in a convenient plastic bucket for easy storage.

Drink combo food storage – Total – 80 Servings

This drink combo food storage package is designed to meet your emergency food storage needs by supplying you with a delicious combination of vitamin packed regular whey milk, chocolate whey milk and satisfying orange drink. Each drink variety is packaged in special poly-metalized pouches and vacuum sealed with an oxygen absorber enclosed. All of these drinks are packed under the highest standards and will stay fresh and be ready for use for up to 25 years.

The drink combo contents are as follows:

Healthy & Filling Regular Whey Milk, 20 servings

Delicious Chocolate Whey Milk, 20 servings

Refreshing Orange Drink, 40 servings


You get a total of 80 servings packaged in an easy to access plastic tub that is easy to store in small areas.


Some of the benefits of this product are:

Packaged in polymetalized bags

25 year shelf life

Bags are constructed with – zip lock type re-sealable tops

Oxygen absorbers are in each bag to retain freshness

They are all packaged in a small plastic bucket for easy storage

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