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We are a small company that is committed to providing great products with a outstanding service experience. I am a licensed NH Master Guide, leading outdoor adventures in the northeast United States and Canada.  As a Guide I would often get request from my clients to order their food for their adventures with us. Thus for Quintessential Outdoor Fare we have gained and continue to gain the experience that actually allows us to be experts in knowing and advising, what works, what does NOT, and how much one would need of any particular product .

We have been selling outdoor foods and products to our clients for 10 years and are extremely dedicated to serving our customers. We have always prided ourselves on giving nothing but our complete attention and devotion to our customers, resulting in superior service and performance to our customers. Our Personal Attention to Your Order is one of many things that set’s us apart from our competition.  Another aspect that sets us apart is the fact that we have worked and guided in the outdoor adventure industry for over 30 years. That alone gives us experience unlike any other company you might be dealing with in helping you choose what products and packages are best suited to your situation and needs. “Believe me when I tell you” There are some things we have not seen or dealt with in those years, but they are very, very few.

We look forward to assisting you in anyway we can to make your every day living, or outdoor experience / adventure the most enjoyable and easiest to procure the items necessary to achieve your objectives.

Wayne & Johanna Derby