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Mountain House Breakfast Skillet PRO PAK – set of 6 pouches


Mountain House Breakfast Skillet PRO PAK

Set of 6 Pouches PRO PAK size

  • HIGH PROTEIN & FOCUSED CALORIES – Designed with the protein, calories, and nutrition to achieve peak performance in any environment. Filling hash browns, savory sausage, tasty veggies, and scrambled eggs. Packed with 25g of protein and 450 calories.
  • Made to the exacting standards of the U.S. Armed Forces for Long-Range Cold-Weather patrols for military rations.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS OR COLORS – Free of artificial flavors and colors. Certified gluten-free by GFCO.
  • QUICK PREP! – Just add water to the pouch and you’re good to go in less than 10 minutes, with no cleanup.
  • RECYCLABLE – Recycle used packaging with TerraCycle to reduce waste.
  • SHELF STABLE – Longest proven shelf life in the industry backed by 30-Year Taste Guarantee.
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