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3 MONTHS BASIC SUPPLY Mountain House Freeze Dried Food Lowest Price

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3 Months Basic Supply



Ultimate 3-Months Basic Supply Mountain House Freeze Dried Food
100% Freeze Dried Food
141 servings ( 9 cans total packed in #10 size cans)
No Cooking Required! Just Add Water!
Newly manufactured. Up to 30 years shelf-life

Lunch or Dinner (141 Servings):

1 cans Rice & Chicken

1 can Vegetables Stew w/ Beef

1 can Chicken Ala king w/ Noodles

1 can Beef Stroganoff

1 can Beef Stew

1 can Chili Mac with Beef

1 can Spaghetti w/ Meat Sauce

1 can Macaroni & Cheese

1 cans Pilot Crackers ( ready to eat)

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