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Customer Service

If you do not find the answer to your question below please email us at
Can I place a phone order?

Due to the high volume of orders we are no longer able to accept orders over the phone. QUINTESSENTIAL OUTDOOR FARE is only able to accept orders through our website, by mail order or you can email us at

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What methods of payment do you accept?

If you order over the Internet you can always a use  a credit card.  (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) to pay for your order.

If you use PAYPAL - will be redirected to the Paypal checkout page on Paypal's Website.

If you order through the mail, personal checks, cashiers check money orders are acceptable and must cleared in the bank before orders will be finalized. Please include the details of your orders and the shipping cost if applicable. Orders over $50 is FREE SHIPPING (only to 48 lower States).

Make check payable to:

Quintessential Outdoor Fare
134 Maple Street
Bethlehem, New Hampshire

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What are your shipping charges?
When shipping Ground to the contiguous 48 states the shipping charges for your entire order are as follows:
  • For orders from $4.95 to $49.99 shipping is $9.95
  • For orders $50.00 and above FREE SHIPPING!
  • Hawaii, Alaska, APO and FPO addresses have additional shipping. Please email us at for lowest shipping cost.
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Do you ship outside of the USA?

Due to import regulations on meat and poultry we are currently not able to ship FREEZE DRIED FOOD to individuals who live outside the USA. Please check back in the future, we desire to serve our customers to the best of our abilities.

Items other than FOODS can be ship internationally. Please email us for shipping cost at:

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Who will deliver my order?

The majority of orders are shipped through UPS & FedEx. Exceptionally large orders may be shipped through another common carrier. The US Postal Service is also used on occasion.

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Can you ship to my PO Box?

Since most orders are shipped through UPS & FedEx we are unable to send orders to a PO Box. However, if there are extenuating circumstances email us at:

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What is your return policy?

QUINTESSENTIAL OUTDOOR FARE return policy is All Sales are Final. No returns on food items unless the product is damaged or defective. If you have a damaged or defective pouch, you can email us at for a return authorization. Non-food item such as Nyte Vu digital night vision, has a 1 year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer.

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When can I expect to receive my order once I have placed the order?

 MOUNTAIN HOUSE FREEZE DRIED FOOD in #10 CANS lead time shipping is 3 to 5 days weeks due to the sudden demands on CANS food supply.

  ALPINE AIREFOODS IN CANS lead time shipping is 3 to 7 days

  except for All" System" CANS Years Supply Gourmet Reserves combo pack which might take 1 to 2 weeks due to high demand in supply. We will keep you posted if there's a change in the lead time shipping and we will try to strive to beat that lead time shipping.

 Your order should arrive 7 to 10 business days once it has been shipped.

ALL  POUCHES FREEZE DRIED FOOD - lead time shipping is 3 to 5 days

NOTE: All orders will be shipped via UPS & FED –EX Ground (except APO address) unless you have requested faster freight. There may be extenuating circumstances that cause an order to ship outside that time period. Customer will be notified thru email if these circumstances will occur. If you have any questions or concerns about getting your order within a certain time frame, please email us and we will do our best to help.

If I request a faster freight method, what does that mean?

Your order will still be shipped 2 business days after you place it. Then we will ship it via the freight method you requested. For example, if you request 3-day air, your order will arrive in 5 business days. Normal ground shipping will take between 7-10 days to arrive. Please note that extra shipping cost will be added for expedite shipping.

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If I order large quantity of an item can I get a discount?

When requesting a quantity discount please contact us via email and let us know what item you are interested in and an estimated quantity you expect to purchase. We will then determine a price for the item and give you a quantity price.

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Do you process peanuts or tree nuts in your facility?

No, our facility is a nut free facility with the exception of coconut.

What is the shelf life?

Our Freeze Dried Food inventory is consistently replenished in less than six months, thus ensuring a long shelf life remains when it leaves our doors.

Based on our ongoing sensory and nutrition testing of actual Mountain House products, we’ve raised the shelf-life on our pouches to 30 years!

Remember that we recommend storing your pouches unopened and avoid prolonged exposure to temperatures above 75° (24°C) to maximize shelf life.




 30+ years


Organic Fruit Snacks & Ice Creams  2+years
#10 Cans  30+ years
* SHELF LIFE OF GOURMET RESERVES is 25+ Years if stored in a cool dry location
** Dairy products and items containing dairy products in he ingredients have a recommended shelf life of 10 + years
Vegetables 10+ years
Fruits 10+ years
Meats 10+ years
Eggs 5+ years
Complete Entrees /Soups/Breakfasts /Desserts Most recipes 5+ years
Recipes containing Shrimp, Brown Rice, Sour Cream, Tuna and Nuts 5+ years
Entrees 10+ years
Cheese Powders 5+ years
Sweeteners 10+ years
Granola 5+ years
Pasta 10+ years
Milk, Nonfat 10+ years
Beans, Textured Vegetable Protein (NP) 10+ years
Pilot Bread Crackers* 10+ years
Sauces and Seasonings 10+ years
Sprouting Seeds 10+ years
Most Pouches 7+ years
Recipes with Shrimp, Tuna, Brown Rice, Nuts, Sour Cream and Dairy Products 2+ years
Grains 15+ years
Beans & Peas 15+ years
Scrambling and Omelet Egg Mix 5+ years
Pancake Mix 5+ years

It is impossible to give a definitive answer without knowing how the foods are stored and in what containers.

Extended shelf life is primarily affected by oxygen, fat, moisture, heat, and time-the lower the values the better. Excessive quantities of these elements will cause loss of nutritional value, off flavors, odors, and rancidity. Handling and physical damage must also be kept to a minimum. Damage to can seams and excessive rust must be avoided. Gourmet Reserves products are sealed in heavy gauge metal cans with an oxygen absorber added.

Provided that proper storage procedures have been followed, we can offer general guidelines as to shelf life expectations of our foods. Once the foods leave our facilities we have no control over storage conditions. So be conscientious and avoid high heat-the cooler the better.

NOTE: Although it is possible that some beans, grains, and other types of food will store for long periods of time in ideal conditions, we feel it is inappropriate to promise or suggest shelf lives of any longer than fifteen years. Alpineaire Foods does its best, utilizing the latest canning techniques and oxygen absorber technology, to insure the longest possible shelf life. Because of the various factors which affect shelf life, of which we have no control, we cannot guarantee that your results will match our estimates. In order to maximize shelf life, do not expose to high or freezing temperatures for an extended amount of time.

Treat any leftover food as you would fresh food. For more information about our shelf life, please click on product shelf life.

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What happens after the shelf life has expired?

The food is still good!!! after the estimated shelf life as long as the pouch has not been punctured or opened, you might notice a slight difference in taste and appearance but we've had pouches and cans that were over 30 years old that are still tasty.

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How can I read the manufacture date on your products?

The product manufacturing code appears on each pack or can of the products.

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Do you have any gluten free meals?

MOUNTAIN HOUSE currently do not have any meals that are gluten free.

ALPINE AIRE FOODS have some Gluten Free products. Please check the descriptions of the product for this information:

  • (GF) - Gluten Free
  • ( * ) - Required Cooking
  • FD - Freeze Dried Food

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What about nutritional values?

We have nutritional information on all products printed on the back of the package. To view check the nutritional information check the product description.

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Product Warranty

" ALL SALES ARE FINAL"  unless otherwise if defective  then need to notify us ASAP. 

JK outdoor products  are covered by the manufacture's warranty only if defective or needed repair. Must complete the manufacture's warranty card once package received inorder for the warranty to take effect. Failure to do this might not be cover under the manufacture's warranty.

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Credit Inquiries

If you have any questions related to your order or order processing, please email us at

Due to the high volume of orders we are no longer able to accept orders over the phone. QUINTESSENTIAL OUTDOOR FARE is only able to accept orders through our website, by mail order or you can email us at

Rack and Roll Trailer Inquiries

Q: How do I license my trailer with the Department of Motor Vehicles?

A: Most states require it to be registered, but it registers just like a regular trailer. We provide you with a Mfg. Certificate or Origin and a VIN number. Take those to your Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) and you will be issued a license plate.


Q: What is the construction material of the RackandRoll Trailer?

A: All major components are anodized aluminum-6063. The wheels are custom cast and polished aluminum. The wheel and tongue pins are stainless steel. Most of the fasteners are yellow zinc plated steel. The tongue coupler is zinc plated steel.


Q: What is the weight of the empty trailer and what is the load capacity?

A: The 66" Model weighs 150 lbs empty and has a 250 lb load capacity. The 78" Model is 160 lbs empty and has a 300 lb load capacity.


Q: What is the width and length of the trailer?

A: The Crossbars of the 66 Trailer™ are 66”wide. The 66" trailer itself is 64” wide from fender to fender outside. The Crossbars of the 78 Trailer™ are 78” wide – the widest roof rack standard. The 78 Trailer itself is 77” wide from fender to fender outside. We do not recommend installing 78” wide Crossbars on the 66" Model for safety and performance reasons. With the standard tongue, both trailers are eleven feet long. The tongue extension kit adds 3 feet to the length. Note: The tongue can be easily removed for storing the six feet long trailer chassis in an upright position.


Q: What is the best height for installing a ball on my vehicle?

A: Ideally, the top of the ball should be installed 22” above the ground for a perfectly level tongue and trailer. You can modify the height of your existing Class 1,2, or 3 square female “receiver hitch” with an “offset ball mount” – the bar that holds the ball and inserts in the vehicle “receiver hitch.”


Q: Will I need to purchase the optional Tongue Extension Kit?

A: The standard tongue typically allows proper clearance for a single 17 ft. boat or two 16 ft. boats. The tongue extension kit makes the standard tongue longer and will allow you to carry up to a single 22 ft. boat or two 21 ft. boats, depending on the vehicle hitch and boat positions.


Q: What size ball do I need for towing?

A: 2”


Q: What type of electrical connection is required?

A: Standard, Flat-4 type black rubber connection. The tow vehicle’s Flat-4 should have 1 male pin (the exposed ground connection), and 3 covered female connections (live circuits for stop, turn, and running lights). The Trailer’s Flat-4 has 3 male pins and one female - to match the vehicle’s live Flat-4.


Q: How does the trailer perform on the highway?

A: Beautifully and smoothly. Our RACKandROLL Trailers are DOT-certified for interstate speeds and are regulated by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and the FMVSSA (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Act). The RACKandROLL Trailer features fully independent adjustable suspension with 4” of wheel travel – about twice that of standard trailers. More wheel travel means a greater ability to cushion your precious cargo. The motorcycle shocks are designed for up to 250 and up to 300 pounds of gear, reducing the chance of “going airborne” over bumps, a notorious problem with normal trailers.


Q: Can the RackandRoll trailer be shipped to my house? How does it ship?

A: Yes, it will be shipped via our preferred carrier, UPS Ground. The trailer itself will ship in four separate boxes.


Q: Where can I find out more about a hitch for my vehicles – and trailers in general?

A: Stay on-line!. is a good place to shop - and to have your hitch installed at one of their locations – including information and products . Make sure you pick a qualified hitch installer and that they understand the amp load that the RACKandROLL Trailer will add to your vehicle’s electrical system – about 9 amps of 12V DC current.


Q: I need new bearings form my trailer wheels. Where can I buy them?

A: The sealed bearings for the Rack and Roll trailer can be sourced from most local bearing stores or they can be found at online bearing supply sites. The size of the bearing is 6302-2RS. Each wheel requires two bearings.

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